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Evanescence debut album 'Fallen' certified Diamond.

Wow I'm stunned by this. I remember producing this record in 2002 and Amy Lee making a joke in the studio that we were going to go "gold" and we both laughed thinking that it was impossible. I'm speechless. Cheers to the team that made this record.....

Amy Lee, Ben Moody, David Hodges and Myself. Cheers to the incredible talent we brought in to complete this record. Paul McCoy you made Bring Me To Life something extraordinary!! Josh Freese you need no credit, we all know how rad you are on drums! David Campbell there are no words for your string arrangements. Francesco DiCosmo thanks for the incredible bass performances. Jeremy {Stax} Parker thanks for being my right hand man and keeping the ship on course. Diamonds are forever!! #evanescence #fallen #10million


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